My name is Corinne Stokes and I live in Caguas, Puerto Rico, with my husband and three children. I’m originally from southern California and moved to Nashville, Tennessee with my husband in 2006. We lived there until December of 2018, when we moved to Puerto Rico where we now enjoy the sunshine, beaches, rainforest, and wonderful people of this beautiful island.  My husband and I have been married 19 years and have three children: Devon (14), Aria (12) and Monet (9). I homeschool our kids and love the flexibility that allows us. We like to think of ourselves as living life on purpose rather than letting it pass us by. 

I love to travel and have lots of places on my destination wish list. I speak decent Spanish and am continuing to learn with the help of my Puerto Rican friends.

I have danced since I was a kid—heavy emphasis on ballet and tap, though I have also dabbled in hip-hop, swing, salsa, and most recently fire dancing.  You’ll often find me doing a crossword puzzle or working on a food project….like making sourdough bread, pickles or water kefir.


Why I Love Photographing Weddings

When I photograph a wedding, I get to jump into one of the most important days in someone's life. I get to be right in the midst of all of their family and best friends. I skip over all the small talk and dive into the good stuff. I get to experience the joy, love and excitement of the big day and be the one to capture all the special moments for them to look back on for the rest of their lives. I feel like one of the bridesmaids, there to serve the couple and their families.

Family Portrait